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Top 5 Things to do at any Holiday Campsite when you're bored



So, we have all been in the situation where we're wondering what to do on our holiday in an area we are unfamiliar with. Well hopefully these Top 5 ideas may give you a rough idea as to what you can do


1) Use Google Maps

Now, I know it is very simple, but google maps will display a variety of things close and far from you that you could potentially visit.

This image of the caravan park La Bien Assie in France is a good example. In the area there are two restaurants which you could dine at in the evenings, along with a patisserie, which you could have a morning stroll through the town to collect your croissants.


2) Ask reception

Campsites typically have brochures for things to do in the area, whether that be a zoo or a theme park there is most likely something for you!

If they don't have brochures ask the receptionist what he/she recommends you doing in the area.


3) Wander

Exploring the local town/village/city will be sure to uncover some of its 'hidden gems' and you may find a unique non-touristy spot that only you will get the pleasure of experiencing.

Be sure to bring some money on these wanders as vendors sell a range of things from food to trinkets that may peak your interests.


4) Ask a Local

Why wouldn't you? They live there and know the best spots, so why not ask them? Most people in places such as England and France are friendly and polite, so you should have no issue getting the inside-scoop on where the best places to visit are.


5) See what the campsite itself has to offer

The campsite I showed in the number one thing to do on this list (La Bien Assise) is a great example of this. They have a swimming pool and a stunning restaurant on-site. So, explore your campsite and have a lazy day by the pool or an evening at its restaurant!


So, hopefully this article has given you some ideas of things to go and do on your holiday. I hoped it helped, but before you go I would appreciate it if you could look over my product

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